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The Pastor Chef Story

The Pastor Chef - Asian American Food in Torrance, CA
Ever since I migrated to America in 1990, it's been my dream to set up my own restaurant. I've always loved food and home cooking, but my skills were very limited. From 1990 to 2012, I worked for a nationally known woodworking company for the yacht and boating industry and quickly climbed up in ranks to become a General Manager. In the later part of 2012, the company owner died, and it led me to seek and pray what to do next. I had the choice of continuing to run the company, or to do something else. It was at that time that the Lord revealed to me that I should set up this restaurant, and he even gave the name "Pastor Chef."
When I prayed, the Lord reminded me of the desires of my heart, and this is what He said: "Haven't you always wanted to put up a restaurant? Didn't you go to Le Cordon Bleu and inquire 10 years ago about their program, but couldn't do it because of restrictions in your time and finances? You've done a lot for other people and it's time that you do things that you are passionate about. I want you to set up this place and call it "Pastor Chef." It will be a place where people can go for physical and spiritual nourishment; a place like no other. If you don't do it now, you will never have the time to do it again. I want you to finish strong doing the desires of your heart."
After this revelation, I enrolled immediately at Le Cordon Bleu. Just like Abraham, I didn't know how it was going to unfold, what it was going to look like, and where the resources were going to come from. What I learned with my walk with the Lord is that if God gives you the instructions, He will take care of the provisions. All He asks is our obedience.
My wife Rosemarie and I have been active members of a church family for over 20 years now known as New Life, a Foursquare Church, in the city of Norwalk. We have also another New Life campus church in Harbor City. For over 3 years now, I have been serving as an assisting pastor in our Norwalk location under our Senior Pastor Ken Bringas. All these years, the Lord wanted me equipped and to seek Him first. I love serving and feeding people and the Lord didn't just want me to do it physically, but spiritually as well. I thank the Lord for allowing me in this stage of my life to do things that I am passionate about.
God's blessing be upon all of you! Praise be our Lord Jesus Christ!
Daily Bread Pastor Chef Story - Asian American Food in Torrance, CA